CAD download (2D)

It is free.
We are pleased to inform you that we have released 6 sizes (SS, S, M, L, LL, and EL) of our new slide base "Flexi Slide Base" in the hope that our multi-undercut-free device, "LOSECON®-30PAT." will be a "Perfect Component" and will further contribute to our customers. We have prepared CAD data by adding the "Flexi Slide Base" data to the existing "LOSECON®-30PAT." data. Please use it.
”Regarding component template data of "LOSECON®-30PAT."” Please confirm it.

※It is approval. After Takao approves, the file is issued.

Regarding component template data of "LOSECON®-30PAT."

Model Size Price Quantity
DXF_Ver.6.4 220KB \0
DWG_Ver.6.4 286KB \0
FDC_Ver.6.4 120KB \0