About products purchase.

1) I add 3,000 yen to an estimate as export charges.

2) Other taxes such as the customs duty and value-added tax are not included.
Those shall be paid by the customer.

3) About transportation.

4) Your property insurance would be automatically subscribed.

5) The commission and remittance charge to exchange are your burden.

6) Payment shall be made by Japanese Yen in Cash in Advance.

7) Please be sure to indicate the number of a [losecon shop order number] in the case of the remittance .

8) The order number is indicated to Order confirmation mail.

9) The product will be shipped after payment confirmation.

10) Cancellation after remittance cannot be performed.

11) I will send a remittee by e-mail after order decision.

Business hours

Our company is accepting the order on the Internet for 24 hours.

How to purchase

1. How to choose a product.

  • 1) Choose a part number.
  • 2) Input quantity.
  • 3) Click to add into your cart.
  • 4) Confirm your order detail.

2. How to change quantity

  • 1) Input the right numerical value.
  • 2) Click"update".

3. How to cancel your order

  • 1) Click the icon 'Remove'.
  • 2) Or input the quantity as '0' and click 'Update'.

4. How to continue shopping

  • 1) Click 'Continue Shopping'.
  • 2) Repeat above procedure 1)-4).

5. How to finalize your order

  • 1) Confirm your order detail.
  • 2) Click 'Checkout' to proceed.

How to choose shipping methods

  • 1) Enter the shipping address.
  • 2) Choose a shipping method.
  • 3) Click 'Check' to finalize order.

The check your order detail

  • 1) The detail of your order.
  • 2) Shipping address information.
  • 3) Shipping methods.
  • 4) After checking all the information.
  • 5) Click 'Order' to finalize your order.


1. Issuance method

  • 1) Issuance can be done on the "check order content" screen.
  • 2) Check the content of ordered products.
  • 3) Then click "estimate".

2. Re-display confirmation method

  • 1) Click "Estimate record" on the "my account" screen.
  • 2) "Estimate display" Click.

About order confirmation mail

  • 1) Automatic reply mail through system is distributed.Please confirm the content.
  • 2) When you do not receive the automatic reply mail, please contact through the Contact page.

Product dispatch

  • 1) Package dispatch is per order.
  • 2) Product will be shipped after payment confirmation.
  • 3) We will let you know the payment confirmation and shipping schedule by email.

Product return, refund, and product exchange

  • 1) No cooling-off is applied.
  • 2) Cancellation before remittance is acceptable.
  • 3) Please check to see if there is any breakage or difference immediately.
  • 4) "Product return, refund, and product exchange" cannot be done after remittance or dispatch.
    We appreciate your understanding.

Website use agreement.

Takao Injection Mold Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") lists our "products" on the "web catalog".
Our company sells the "products" by the "web site".
Our company has "Website terms of use" which defines the use condition of "this service".
In order for you to order a "product", please complete the member registration of "Website terms of use".

No.1 Registration

[1] After completing member registration, you can use "this service".
[2] Complete member registration by the specified way.
[3] After your admission is recognized by us, your member registration is considered as completed.
[4] In the following cases, you cannot carry out member registration.

  • (1) When you have already completed member registration.
  • (2) When you have been refused member registration in the past.
  • (3) When the contents of member registration contain false information.
  • (4) When we determine that the admission of your member registration is unsuitable.

No.2 Ordering method of "this product"

[1] You can order a "product" from "Web site" after the entry of necessary information"

  • (1) A guide rod has standard specification and customized specification.
  • (2) An order for a guide rod with customized specification can be placed after the entry of necessary information.
  • (3) An order cannot be accepted by phone and FAX.

[2] "Communication trouble" and " entry of necessary information"

  • (1) An order is invalid when "the entry of necessary information" is incomplete.
  • (2) An order is invalid when the order data is unreceivable.
  • (3) "Order Confirmation Mail" is sent to a registered e-mail address.
  • (4) When an order cannot be sent in the case of occurrence of the trouble on e-mail communication, please wait for a while and re-try.
  • (5) Please send e-mail to us in English.

No.3 Sales contract

[1] When "Order Confirmation Mail" is delivered to your registered e-mail address, your order becomes a valid and a sales contract is established.
[2] "This service" does not include any special contracts other than this.

No.4 Discontinuation and a stop

The discontinuation and shutdown of "this service "may occur in the following cases.

  • [1] When there is disaster or damage which telecommunications become impossible.
  • [2] When our operation is forced to discontinue due to legal force, such as statutes.
  • [3] When the operation of a telecommunication apparatus is suspended by maintenance, etc.
  • [4] When "our company" opt for the discontinuation or shutdown of "this service" under other special circumstances.

No.5 Prohibited acts

This service forbids the following acts.

  • [1] The act which uses false registration, user ID, or password.
  • [2] The act which causes or may cause obstruction, loss or damage.
  • [3] The act which transfers the contract right of "this service" to the third party.
  • [4] Any act which "our company" finds unsuitable.

No.6 Management of ID and password

You are fully responsible for managing your acquired user ID and password.

No.7 Handling of personal information

[1] "Our company" uses the personal information which you have provided to "this service" for the following purposes.

  • (1) When required in order to ship a "product".
  • (2) When required for the implementation of "this service".
  • (3) When you agree with notice.
  • (4) When a public institution asks for notice based on law, regulations, etc.

[2] "Our company" neither use nor notice for any purposes other than this.

No.8 Guarantee

[1] "Our company" guarantees "products" listed on our "Web catalog" under the following conditions.

  • (1) It is valid for one year from the day of shipment of your ordered product.
  • (2) You are required to prove that the conformation of Die mold is assembled in a theoretically and physically correct manner.
  • <1> "Our company" requires you to provide us the chart of "the conformation of Die mold" in order to check a deflection.
  • <2> You have to perform "the load analysis and strength simulation" of "our company" in advance.

[2] The guarantee does not cover in the following cases.

  • (1) Inappropriate usage other than specified.
  • (2) Range of observations where "a scratch, a stain, or a dent" does not cause actual damage.
  • (3) A problem which is led by a natural disaster or an inevitable accident.
  • (4) A problem which is caused by an event unforeseeable in the present level of science and technology.
  • (5) When a problem occurs due to the modification of your specification.

No.9 Disclaimers

  • [1] The "products" listed on "Web catalog" is the range of responsibility of "our company."
  • [2] "Our company" has the manufacture liability as a "product maker." As for other issues, "our company" is exempted from obligation.
  • [3] Any damage caused by a mistake on order specifications, such as "name, model, quantity, time for delivery", etc. is within the range of the disclaimers of our company.
  • [4] Any damage caused by the fact which you cannot purchase a "product" is within the range of the disclaimers of "our company."
  • [5] "Our company" has adopted SSL, an encryption communication protocol in order to ensure data security.

No.10 Cooling Off

Cooling-Off system is not applicable to "this service."

No.11 Collaborative solution

Our company & you aim for an amicable solution after collaboration and confrontation by E-mail when there is a problem except for [Website terms of use].


[Website terms of use] Date of enactment October 1, 2014
[Website terms of use] will be applicable to "Web catalog" effective from October, 2014.